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What is the best brows shape for your face

30 March 2020

The first thing that you need to know is that there are around 6 kinds of face shapes. It is really important to know which is yours, so you can bring harmony to your look. First, figure out your face shape, and then check what kind of eyebrow looks best with it.

1. Oval face

First, let’s look into the features that an oval-shaped face has. The forehead is wider than the chin, the cheekbones are prominent, and the chin is narrow.

If this is your face type, the perfect eyebrow shape for you is the soft angled shape. That means it goes straight up, then gently curves at the top and goes down. It is important that you don’t have an arch that is too high, otherwise your face won’t look symmetrical.

2. Round face

The round-shaped face is known for being almost as wide as it is long and for having a wide cheek area.

If this is your face structure, you should go for an arched eyebrow. From the start of the eyebrow, go up until the middle of it, and then down. The lines that the brows create help make your face appear longer.

Since the goal is to make your face look less round, you should avoid an eyebrow that is too round or flat.

3. Oblong face

People that have an oblong face have a forehead, cheekbones, and a jawline that are about the same width, and a narrow chin.

If this is your type of face, the best eyebrow shape for you is a flat shape. The straight horizontal lines help make your face appear shorter, therefore balancing it. To achieve this look, try to make the bottom of your eyebrow as straight as possible, respecting its original shape, always.

If you go for an angled eyebrow, the straight lines going up will make your face look longer than it is, instead of balancing it. Try to avoid this shape.

4. Square face

For those with a square-shaped face, the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all about the same width. The squared jawline is the most present and obvious feature that this kind of face presents.

If you have a square face shape, it is recommended to go for a curved brow shape to soften the square jaw, that is your strongest feature. To achieve that, follow your eyebrow’s natural shape, draw in the arch but don’t draw it too strong or too high.

If you go for an arched eyebrow, it will only make your features look more defined and strong, and that is the contrary to what we are going for.

5. Heart-shaped face 

This type of face is really similar to an oval one, the biggest difference is that people with heart-shaped faces have a pointed chin.

If you can relate to these features, the best eyebrow shape for you is a curved one. It creates a natural look that is soft and feminine. The curved eyebrow is simple to do, just follow your eyebrow’s natural shape and draw a soft arch. The lines should not be super strong, since we are trying to achieve a delicate look.

Avoid a super straight eyebrow, since it does not balance your pointed chin.

6. Diamond-shaped face

This type of face structure is not as common as the others. The face is highly angular and the forehead is short, while the face is widest at the temples.

If you are one of the people that has this kind of face, go for a curved brow. It is going to help soften your angles and give the impression that your face is symmetrical. To do a curved brow, just follow your natural eyebrow’s shape and make the lines as soft as possible.

You can have an arched brow, but avoid a strong one. Since your features are already really pronounced, you should try to balance them.

Source: Brightside

Microblading vs Nano Blading

14 February 2020

What is Nano Blading and why it might be the best choice for your permanent brows treatment.

You have heard and read a lot about Microblading, more details are explained in our Service and Price list section of this website. In short, Microblading and 

Nano blading ( other names are Digital Permanent Make Up brows, 3D or Hair-strokes brows) are forms of eyebrow tattooing, but use different methods to implant the pigment into the skin. Microblading uses manual method and a Single use blade to create cuts into the skin which look like hair strokes.

Nano Blading use a permanent make up Machine and Nano needle to draw dots of colour that forms shape of eyebrows hair. This way it is more similar to tattooing process but less invasive and the colour used are semi permanent makeup pigments not tattooing pigments. As Nano Blading only put dots of colour not cuts, it is more gentle to sensitive or mature skin type, even oily skin type. The name Nano Blading comes from Nano needled ( the finest single needle) that is used to perform the treatment. Nano needles are belong to Single or 1 point needle group and they have different sizes: 0.25. 0.20, 0.18( acupuncture needle). Some artists think Nano blading is Microblading using the very thin microblade- also 0.18  as they confuse the thinness of the micro-blading blade with the size of the Nano needle that is used with a digital machine. As Nano Blading is less aggressive to the skin, it avoid bleeding and hence enhance the colour retention and last longer.

Lash extension: How to keep your lashes for 3 weeks

15 January 2020

Some of us might not live without our lash extension, here is the details of what to do to look after your lashes extension.

1. NO steam

Avoid ‘steamy’ experiences for 24 hours afterwards. This includes saunas, steam rooms, the gym, hoovering, but also standing by the kettle waiting for it to boil, opening the dishwasher while it’s on and oven door while cooking – who knew these household dangers lay in wait ready to ruin your beautiful lash extensions?

2.NO get lashes wet

No washing hair for 24 hours, the shower will still produce steam and can affect the adhesive bond.

To wash or not to wash lashes straight after treatment is a controversial subject – we know some people say that washing straightaway can help prevent reactions, however, there is another group of lash artists who have found post-set washing makes client’s eyes sting. 

So best is keep them dry for 24 hours.

3.NO micellar water

Micellar water – full of lovely little micelles, perfect for removing make-up quickly and efficiently. People look at the word ‘water’ and assume it’s fine to use on lashes – but it’s not – a micelle is a lipid, i.e. an oil, meaning micellar water is one of the worst products to use on lash extensions.

4.NO makeup wipes

Makeup wipes are also a no-no – they contain fibres which will catch on the lashes and pull them off, and they are impregnated with oil which breaks down the eyelash adhesive.

5. NO waxy eyeliners

Lovely waxy eyeliner packed full of beeswax, form fillers, thickeners and oil – so difficult to remove and so good at breaking down cyanoacrylate. Instead use oil-free eyeliners.

6.YES  clean lashes daily

Clean eyelash extensions often. Every day you should be brushing through the lashes with a mascara wand and you should also be giving yours lashes a good clean! We recommend our Lash Cleansing Duo set, perfect for getting into the lash line to clean away any nasties! Get them for £19.99 in our salon