Feature Clinic

Microblading and PMU


or Micro-shading

Bring back few year of age  just by having your eyebrows looking fuller and thicker. Require a  4-6 w touch up.

Last for 1-2 years

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Powder/ Ombre brows

For those who prefer the powdery look and those with a more difficult skin type that is not suitable for microblading. Require a  4-6 w touch up 

Last for 1-2 years

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Nano Brows

Similar to Microblading but done by Nano needle and PMU machine. Require a 4-6 w touch up.

Last for 2-3 years

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Permanent Eyeliners

Eyeliner enhancement creates a fine soft natural line that gives depth and definition to the eye. Require  a 6 w touch up.

Last for 3-5 years

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Lips brush

To enhance the lips shape and colour  or create a fuller look without Botox . Require a 6 week touch up.

Last for 3-5 years. Read more


Areola - Scar camouflage

Create a 3D look for your feature after operations. Using permanent colour to camouflage scars or birthmark. Help you feel normal and more confident in your own skin again.

from £170.00

Densitive treatment on head- scalp tattoo

Scalp pigmentation is the most cost effective and long lasting solution for hair loss. Price is per session . Read more


Receding hairline tattooing 

To enhance the hairline that blends in with your hair colour. 

Price is per session . Read more


Whole head Scalp micropigmentation

Create a 3D look for your hair. Using permanent colour to create hair follicles that even when you look closely you can not tell the different between real hair and the treatment. Price is per session. Read more

from £799.00



A non-invasive cosmetic procedures that rejuvenate the skin through the process of physical exfoliation ( diamond head) , peeling away the surface of the skin to trigger the body’s wound-healing process. Combine with a facial for best result. Read more

£60.00/ 60 mins


Exfoliate your skin with  Hydro-peeling and nourish the skin with Oxygen Infusion, Stimulates lymphatic flow. Improves blood circulation. Give skin a healthy , natural glow. Improves complexion and colour. Unclogs and clean pores. Treat flaky, dry skin. Read more

£45.00/30 mins

80/60 mins


Dermaplaning uses a sterile blade or scalpel to shave away the top layer of the skin, and remove the fine vellus hair or peach fuzz that trap dirt. Combine with a facial for best result. Read more

£60.00/ 60 mins

Chemical peels

40% active glycolic pH 3.0 is used to lightly buffer the skin surface, then an alcohol free advanced gel formulation provided for a more even application. Suitable for all skin types, anti-aging, acne treatment , skin rejuvenation, uneven skin tone & hyper pigmentation . Read more

£60.00/45 mins

Guasha Facial

A classical facial treatment with double cleanse, exfoliation, and massage using Gua sha- Jade stone

+ stimulation blood circulation- for a better skin texture

+ release tension on face

+ relaxing and reducing stress- best after a long working day

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£55.00/ 60 minutes

Feature Bespoke facial 

10 steps facial that is crafted to your skin's needs , including Ultrasonic peeling, hydro-dermabrasion, dermaplanning  or microdermabrasion, radio frequency skin tightening  and LED light. Suitable for all skin types, anti-aging, anti acnes, helps to reduce skin pigmentation . Read more

£150.00/ 60 mins

£80/30 mins

Lashes and Non- PMU

Lash lift and tint

For those who want to have a mascara look that stays

Last for 3-5 weeks


Individual or Hybrid Extension

Create a fuller looking lash but still natural. Last for 3-4 weeks before infill. Read more


infill £35.00

Volume lashes

Bring a dramatic look to your eyes with thick, full set of Russian volume lashes. Read more


Infill 45.00

Henna- Lamination 

Create a define look for your brows that lasts 4-6 weeks using Henna. 

Or keep up with the latest trend of brows-  Lamination . 

Or you can have both

Henna only £35.00

Add Lamination £40.00

Definition brows

If you need your brows look onpoint but are not ready for any thing permanent then just have your brows wax, shape & tint 

No Lamination £30.00

Add Lamination £40

Eye trio

Lash Tint

Brows tint

Brows shape 

No wax £30.00

Add wax  £35.00

Brow shape and wax 

Bring your brows more volume and colour and a nice shape with this classical treatment more


Brows tint

Just colour your brows hairs