Microblading and PMU


Bring back few year of age  just by having your eyebrows looking fuller and thicker. Included 4-6 w touch up.

Last for 1-2 years

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Powder/ Ombre brows

For those who prefer the powdery look and those with a more difficult skin type that is not suitable for microblading. Included 4-6 w touch up 

Last for 1-2 years

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Nano Brows

Similar to Microblading but done by Nano needle and PMU machine. Included a 4-6 w touch up.

Last for 2-3 years

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Permanent Eyeliners

Eyeliner enhancement creates a fine soft natural line that gives depth and definition to the eye. Included a 6 w touch up.

Last for 3-5 years

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Lips brush

To enhance the lips shape and colour  or create a fuller look without Botox . Included a 6 week touch up.

Last for 3-5 years


Areola - Scar camouflage

Create a 3D look for your feature after operations. Using permanent colour to camouflage scars or birthmark. Help you feel normal and more confident in your own skin again.

from 170.00

Densitive treatment on head- scalp tattoo

Scalp pigmentation is the most cost effective and long lasting solution for hair loss. Price is per session 


Receding hairline tattooing 

To enhance the hairline that blends in with your hair colour. 

Included a touch up 


Whole head Scalp micropigmentation

Create a 3D look for your hair. Using permanent colour to create hair follicles that even when you look closely you can not tell the different between real hair and the treatment. Included a touch up

from 3000.00

Lashes and Non- PMU

Individual or Hybrid Extension

Create a fuller looking lash but still natural. Last for 3-4 weeks before infill


infill 30.00

Volume lashes

Bring a dramatic look to your eyes with thick, full set of Russian volume lashes


Infill 40.00

Henna- Lamination - or Henna-nation

Create a define look for your brows that lasts 4-6 weeks using Henna. Or keep up with the latest trend of brows-  Lamination . Or you can have both

Henna: 30.00

Lamination: 30.00

Henna-nation 50.00

Lash lift and tint

For those who want to have a mascara look that stays

Last for 3-5 weeks



A non-invasive cosmetic procedures that rejuvenate the skin through the process of physical exfoliation, peeling away the surface of the skin to trigger the body’s wound-healing process. Combine with a facial for best result



Dermaplaning uses a sterile blade or scalpel to shave away the top layer of the skin, and remove the fine vellus hair or peach fuzz that trap dirt. Combine with a facial for best result




We love caring for your features

Mai Nguyen

Phibrow Artist & SPMU Artist

Mai is the owner and lead artist of the clinic- she has won a few awards for her outstanding works such as:  

+Finalist in Micropigmentation UK 2019   ( Eyebrow Microblading Artist  of the year )

+Finalist in Micropigmentation UK 2020 ( Eyebrow Microblading Artist of the year-over 2 year category )

+Finalist in Brows Expert of the Year 2020 in Brows Nails and Lashes Awards ( Greater London Region)

+ She has gained VTCT LEVEL 4 in both Microblading and Micropigmentation.

+ She is also a  Phi Brow artist, 

Lynn Nguyen

Lash Artist & SPMU Artist

With over 20 years solid background in the art, fashion and beauty industries, Lynn’s passion in permanent makeup came naturally and her talent has room to grow.

For Lynn, being a permanent makeup artist is more than just giving someone a new set of eyebrows. It's more than that, it’s about listening to an individual’s story and tailoring it to their needs. Her personal mission is to help clients find their natural beauty and boost their self confidence.

Lynn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Design and a Master’s Degree in International Communications from Macquarie University in Australia.

She used to be an editor for some of the most popular fashion and beauty magazines including Elle and Harper’s Bazaar magazines.

She has a VTCT level 4 in Microblading and Micropigmentation.

She has also won best PMU Eyebrows London 2020, held by Agnes Permanent.

Lynn is also a collaborating trainer in Mircoblading and Eyelash Extensions from East London Beauty Academy.

Hannah Nguyen

 SPMU Artist & Skin care 

Hannah also holds a Level 4 VTCT Qualification in Microblading. Her passion not only lies in permanent make up but also in skin care. 


Featurebrows started to offered Microblading service in Welling since November 2017 and Semi Permanent Make up in April 2018. Managed and owned by a Phibrow artist Mai Nguyen- Featurebrows is the home of the most realistic hair-stroke eyebrows treatment which enhance people face in a most natural way. In 2020 Feature Brows changed it name to Feature Clinic with an airm to offer a wider range of beauty treatments.

Why Choose a Phibrows Artist?

Phibrows artists produce great works because they follow a very specific method that is taught to them through a rigorous 6 month training course. This course requires the artist to pass 11 levels of mastery to ensure that their methods and their work maintain a very high standard-the Phibrows standard. The Phibrows method and tools have been meticulously designed and redesigned to aid their trained artists in producing very precise hairstrokes, perfect symmetry, and a beautiful eyebrow shape that goes with the natural shape of their client’s face and bone structure.

Phibrows products have also been tested and redesigned again and again to ensure the highest quality to avoid any dangerous heavy metals found in most permanent makeup pigments and to provide colour that stays.

It is for these reasons and more, that if you want great results with your microblading treatment, it is highly recommended that you see out a Phibrows artist.