We applied the most advanced technique in our beauty treatments. Either just enhancing your look or create a whole new look, our team is here to make sure the best results are given.





Bring back few year of age to your face just by having your eyebrows looking fuller and thicker. Book your appointment today with a certified Phibrow artist 

Permanent Lip brush

Ideal for reshaping uneven lips and making lips look fuller. Never have to apply lipstick throughout the day again but still be able to apply the trendy lipstick colour on top

Powder Brows

For those who prefer the powdery look and those with a more difficult skin type that is not suitable for microblading( diabetic person...)

Non- laser Removal

Remove unwanted eyebrows shape with a non laser method by using a bonding agent apply on opened skin. Performed by our trained permanent make up artist using a permanent make up machine.

Eye Liner

Eyeliner enhancement creates a fine soft natural line that gives depth and definition to the eye. This technique is popular with both women and men who have fair complexions and would like to give their eyes more definition.

Areola and Scar

Create a 3D look for your feature after operations. Using permanent colour to camouflage scars. Help you feel normal  and more confident in your own skin again.

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Commonly asked questions

  1. How long does the procedure take? If you can pre-numb using Emla- it is only takes 90 mins ( including discussion about the shapes, colour.., mirror check)
  2. What is the after care procedure? You will be provided with an After Care instruction for all the information needed.
  3. Will it hurt? It is a semi- - permanent treatment so Yes you might feel it but there are numbing cream and numbing gel to help.
  4. How long does the result last? With two treatments( the first one and a top up after 4-8 weeks depending on what treatment) the result will last for at least 12 months ( for microblading ) and 2 years ( lips, eye liners)
  5. What is the age limit for the treatment? You will have to be at least 18 to have the treatments and up to the age when you still want to look pretty. 
  6. I have a microblading/ permanent cosmetic treatment before, can I still do it? Yes but you will need to have a assessment on how your former treatment healed, was it resulted in any scar tissue, how the pigment appears now and what your expectation are for this one.
  7. I am diabetic- can I still have my eyebrows microbladed? There are several types of diabetes, it is always a good practise to consult with your GP before going forward. In some instances, diabetic customers may not heal well  or have problem with excessive bleeding or have a sudden drop in blood sugar level.  Ombre brows treatment  is considered to be better for those with diabetics as it less invasive.
  8. I am pregnant or nursing can I still do it? Women who is in her second or third trimester of pregnancy may be unable to lie on her back comfortably ; in fact it has potential of negatively affecting the fetus in some cases.
  9. I have had cold sores can I have my lips done? It is best to ask your GP to prescribe an antiviral medication to be taken prior to the procedure and a short period of time after the procedure. Proper use of an antiviral medication will assist in the prevention of the development of herpes viral eruptions on the lip tissue. Customer should be aware that permanent cosmetic lip procedure will require more than one session and that it would be appropriate to have adequate quantities of antiviral medication for at least two procedures: the initinal and 1 or 2 touch up.
  10. I have had some alcohol within the last 24 hours before the treatment is that okay? Alcohol, especially wine, tend to cause more bleeding. Bleeding is normally minimal and controllable issue for an eyebrow or eyeliner procedure; however; if it is a lip procedure , rebook is recommended.
  11. I am allergic to Latex -is it an issue? For that reason we always use Nitrite gloves in our practice.
  12. What if I  have had Botox injections? Botox injections can temporarily alter the eyebrows positioning. It is best to consult with the medical provider who conducted the Botox service as to appropriate timing for permanent cosmetic procedure.
  13. What if I am allergic to hair dyes? People who allergic to hair dyes may also be sensitive or allergic to ingredients in permanent cosmetic pigments. A skin test will be required before the procedure.
  14. I am using Tanning bed regularly? The pigment applied to clients who intentionally tan will face much sooner than that of a person who avoids UV rays. It is best to use less of this service for a better result.
  15. I just had a laser or chemical peel within six months? These treatments thin the layers of the skin therefore customer might have a very sensitive skin. The laser and peel treatments do not normally directly affect the actual tissue that have the microbalding treatment on however to perform the permanent treatment, technician ,must stretch the skin surrounding eyes, brows, lips and do not want to cause any further skin irritation, therefore it is advisable to wait for at least 3 months after laser or peels to have other permanent treatments.